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Landscaping and gardening services in London Gardening is hard work. Most companies won’t do it, or they’ll charge a mint for it. Part of being a full-service cleaning company means taking care of all our customer’s needs, so landscaping and gardening services are just another part of the job. All our service technicians are equipped with the best manual and power gardening tools and materials, and we can have your garden whipped, mowed or manicured into shape in no time at all.

Gardening professionals based throughout greater London Home Cleaning London has specialty landscaping and gardening professionals based throughout greater London. We work flexible hours 7 days a week, so you’re sure to get the appointment you’re looking for. You can speak to one of our office staff on 020 3404 2722 with any questions you might have, to request a free price quotation or Request a service today.

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* We do not provide gardening services for berries and rose bushes.