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How soon can I use my carpets after cleaning?

Because we use a powerful Van Mounted cleaning system 95% of the moisture used is extracted leaving carpets very slightly moist. Carpets can be walked on and used immediately after cleaning and will take up to an hour to dry – dependant on carpet fibres. You will be advised about your carpet type and drying time by your cleaning technician.

How soon can Upholstery be used after cleaning?

Freshclean uses a powerful but ultra low moisture steam cleaning method for upholstery which means that your chairs and seating will be left to dry quickly. It is usually possible to use cleaned upholstery within a few hours – if cleaned in the morning it can usually be used late afternoon.

Do I have to move furniture?

No! We do all that for you. We do have a Health and Safety policy and in line with industry guidelines we do not move furniture which weighs more that 50kg. In practice this means heavy bookcases, cabinets and pianos etc. We take particular care with all your furniture.

Will my carpets quickly re-soil after cleaning?

No! Because Freshclean only uses state of the art cleaning solutions there are no residues left ( but cheap inferior cleaning solutions can cause rapid re-soiling) and your carpets will stay looking fresh and clean. We do recommend “Scotchguard” protection to carpets and upholstery which will help prolong good looks and help to prevent future soiling.

Will my carpets shrink or fade in colour?

No! Because we take pride in being expert cleaners we ensure that carpets will not shrink or fade – we use just the right amount of cleaning solution to ensure top class results! No carpets cleaned by us have ever shrunk or faded.

How often should I have my Carpets and upholstery cleaned?

This depends on usage. A house with children and Pets will needs more regular attention than one without. Or a heavily trafficed office will need frequent cleaning compared to a seldom used meeting room. As a rule of thumb most customers contact us every year for advice.

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